Midnight’s cat cries

It’s been a long time since my last time posting something here. I’m still active on WordPress, yes, to comment and such, but hardly wrote anything on my own page since I was active more on LJ, and FB, and Tumblr xD and most of my friend weren’t here…

But I really love the setting of WordPress. I never get tired looking at the beautiful themes of people I’ve followed. Tee hee.

…Tonight is a weird night. I can’t sleep although tomorrow is a weekday, how sad. Because there is a stray cat (?) crying outside my neighborhood. It has been crying for a while now, and its cry stabbed my heart so hard, since I can’t do anything to help it. The door is clocked and I have no key – my grandmother keeps it. It’s dark and I can’t see a thing since there’s no light outside. I can’t even spot the poor cat to throw it some food from the balcony. I feel so helpless, like a powerless child.

…While hugging my black cat Den tight, I just hope that stray cat can find a safe place to sleep tonight.